An update on the Status regarding the Shortage of Raw Materials in the Feed Industry.

As a result of the ongoing severe shortage of raw materials for making  animal feeds, please be informed that:

  1. We (AKEFEMA) have continued to aggressively engage the State Department of Livestock and other agencies & stakeholders in order to help address the shortage including but not limited to taxation support and lifting of the ban on importation of GMOs Soyabean Meal and (Yellow) Maize.
  2. Pursuing suppliers and millers to make use of alternative ingredients such as poultry meal, fish meal, corn gluten etc in order to bridge the gap occasioned by the shortage of soya.
  3. AKEFEMA NEC resolved to vigorously, structurally and constructively engage the media to inform and update the public(farmers)  on the solutions being fastracked in order to address the current situation. 

Stakeholders and members shall be kept updated.